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The practice of heart coherence breathing has many benefits: decrease of the effects of stress, general soothing, better emotional management, improved sleep, attention maintenance and learning.

These benefits and many more have observed by researchers for many years. But those effects are only obtained with a precise regular daily breathing practice.

A regular practice is a voluntary guided breathing at a specific breathing frequency.

This respiratory rate is not innate, a guide is necessary for its learning.

This is what proposes HEARTRATE+, it is not only a breathing guide but it also has a display screen of cardiac coherence state as well as a recording of the results of each session. Thus the practice is made simple and the results are quickly obtained.

HEARTRATE+ is probably the easiest way to quickly get all the benefits the coherence offers.

If you wish to learn more about the science behind your reathing practise with HEARTRATE+ you may register for our online training which is simple, complete and for all. Online Training

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