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Heart Rate and Coherence
Get Guided Breathing Sessions
Maximize the Coherence Between Heart Rate and Breath

Simultaneously measure your heart rate plus get guided breathing sessions and, in the meanwhile, measure the Coherence between your heart rate and your breath. Three functions in one application for your well-being!

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Reduce Stress, Improve Mood, be Prepared for Action

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Heart Rate Plus Guided Breathing Sessions

Guided Breathing

Breathing exercises have been shown to help reduce stress, improve mood and make you feel more relaxed and energised with positive effects on the performance ( read scientific research ). Follow the small yellow ball to perform the guided breathing exercise. But how do you know you are actually doing your breathing exercise well?
Heart Rate Plus from iPhone Camera Lens

Monitor Your Heart Rate

You can know it through your heart rate variations. While you perform the breathing exercise, HeartRate+  monitors your heart rate . Hold the tip of your finger over the camera lens
Heart Rate Plus: The Coherence with Breath

Are You Doing Well?

HeartRate+ is the first application for iPhone able to measure how well you are doing your breathing exercises by means of displaying the reached level of Coherence and the related average score.

Heart Rate Plus: Heart Rate Variation The physiological principle of the Coherence is based on the fact that your heart rate increases while you inhale and decreases while you exhale. HeartRate+ also displays the graph of this variation.
Heart Rate Plus: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Coherence Spectrum For a more professional use, like Yoga Masters, HeartRate+ provides, as an option, the in app Coherence Spectrum. With this view you can visualise the heart rate components outside the target frequency.
Heart Rate Plus: History Breathing exercises

Track Your History

With HeartRate+ each exercise is saved, so you can review your history at any time.

From the history table summary you can access the details of each performed exercise.

You can also delete any of the performed exercises.

Share Your Results

with HeartRate+ you can also share your results via email, Facebook and Twitter

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Are you interested in knowing more about the physiological mechanisms related to the cardiorespiratory coherence? Read Here
Are you interested in knowing more about the scientific evidences of the advantages related to the cardiorespiratory coherence? Read Here


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